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Bureau Services

You can avail the following ID CARD PRINTING services

  • Pre-printed plastic cards.
  • Full color customized plastic card production (ID Cards).
  • Plastic Card Embossing.
  • Black Monochrome printing
  • ID Printing of Event cards
  • Printing of employee identity cards
  • Printing of access cards
  • Printing of membership cards full edge to edge

Our Latest card technology allows personnel information including photos, magnetic stripe, barcode information, company logo etc. to be directly uploaded to your card design or ID card pictures thus allowing custom card production. We can print in normal ID card printers and also retransfer printers for very high quality output. Few ID card pictures can be requested from our sales staff.

Different companies locally or internationally could avail of our bureau service including

Companies providing Security Personnel : Security companies providing entrance Door Security personnel may have low level of employees and hence purchasing an ID card printing machine in Dubai may not be a feasible option. Hence outsourcing the Bureau service job to Wipaq will have their security cards prepared inhouse.

Companies providing IT Security systems in Dubai UAE : Companies who provide security systems in Dubai UAE as a part of their IT solutions to their customers locally may want to issue access cards as a part of the solution. It is always better to customise these access cards using our bureau service.

Small companies with less employees : Small IT companies or any IT solution providing company or any small business who has less empoyees <50 employees does not qualify to economically carry their own inhouse ID card printing machine due to the cost benefit analysis. Therefore these companies could avail of the card printing services offered by Wipaq in Dubai.

  • Secure Card Production
  • Shipment to entire Middle East, Africa & Asia
  • No Capital expenditure
  • No desk space required
  • High resolution company Logo & Name
  • High resolution scanned (jpg format) photos or ID card pictures.
  • Information to be printed on the card in Excel format
  • Information required to be encoded on Mag./Barcode

Choose your design from the below or contact us for more designs and suggestions.

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