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Card Based Entry System - Access Control Panel

Access Control Panel

Access control systems are available to those who wants to have a control over who interacts with a resource. This applies to buildings or groups of buildings where a limit is required over who can enter that particular property. Computerised information centers allow only members to utilise their information. They can even be used in public restrooms where coins must be inserted to gain access to the facility.

Access control is a huge reality in our lives. The world in which we live requires homes to be secure, car doors to lock and pin numbers or passwords to ascertain identity for safety reasons. Securing access is an essential necessity for persons needing to secure financial, emotional or physical individuals or equipment. Confidentiality of sensitive and important information is also of great importance. Protection of almost everything in our lives has become a part of what we consider daily activities.
There are many methods where control of access is achieved. Automatic Telling Machines practice it by asking for personal identification numbers. Your computer needs a password to start. The front door of your house is compatible with your key. There are systems that provide more in depth access control, such fingerprint identification and identity cards for access to some environments.
Access Control Systems Basics
Use access control systems basics to find controlled entry systems for your business.
Your business might deal with costly inventory, sterile labs or classified information - all great reasons to install access control systems in your business. Some business owners use controlled entry systems at all their exterior doors to keep unwanted people out completely. However, other business owners find they need a door access control system only on areas of the business to restrict access. Business security controlled access allows you to identify when each employee enters and exits your facility. There are several different types of security access control systems to meet your business needs. When you consider a door access control system, look into the following
1. Card controlled access systems
2. Keypad access control & security systems
3. Biometric access control systems 
Consider card access control systems to increase security in particular areas.Card access security systems require employees to have a designated card to gain access to your business. You can use card access control systems to secure your entire business, or to secure certain areas. You can choose a key card security system to operate on just one or two doors, or on all of the doors in your facility.
Wipaq Systems offers a card access security system that you can customize to meet your specific business needs. Wipaq has access control and time attendance software that you can use to add card controlled access systems to your business. You can incorporate these software with your existing security system, or you can design a security system around the products available with Wipaq.
Easy to use keypad access control systems
Keypad access control systems don't require your employees to keep up with cards or security badges. However, they do require your employees to have a pin number to gain entry to your business. If you fire an employee or need to change a security access code, keypad access control systems allow you to immediately change your secure pin.
Wipaq has a great selection of keypad controlled entry systems. Browse our selection and choose the option that’s best for your business.
Biometric access control and security systems
Biometric controlled entry systems aren't cost effective unless you have items that require high security. These systems are expensive, however, they're worth it to protect your classified information. Biometric access control and security systems scan your employees' fingerprint or retina to ensure that employee has clearance to enter high security areas of your business.
Wipaq lets you choose from a fingerprint security access control system, a fingerprint and RFID access control system or a face recognition system with fingerprint backup. You must present an approved fingerprint to gain entry through the doors, and we have aesthetic looking machines than other types of biometric security systems.
You can easily maintain and upgrade our Access Control software, and our Attendance software Timepaq can be integrated to your door access control system too thereby securing your premises and maintaining attendance records.

Wipaq Access Systems are built on flexible, open technology to provide management, real-time monitoring , and control of your access control system, all from a browser, with no additional software to install.

Our secure Web-hosted infrastructure and centralized online administration reduce your IT costs and allow you to easily manage all of your access points in a single location. WIP-3100's versatile design features take care of present and future needs with ease and efficiency. It is one of the most rugged and reliable controllers on the market, with a multitude of built-in features.
The WIP-3100 can communicate at 38.4 Kbps via RS-485 configuration or Ethernet TCP/IP networks. It can store up to 30,000 cardholders. SDK (Software Development Kit) is available for the customer to integrate the controller into existing access control software or to develop new software.

  • Features
  • Technical Specification


•Over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and reversal protection for the power supply and all of the input and output terminals
•Reliable network system of controllers using either TCP/IP or RS-485 Serial communication
•Supports different Wiegand formats, and connects to Wipaq readers as well as HID, Mifare, and generic ID card readers
•Connects with a variety of electric locks, sensors, exit buttons, alarm devices, and indicators
•Can be integrated with other security systems such as CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Fire Alarm Release, and elevastor Control for total security system. Directly compatible with Wipaq’s biometric reader controllers.
•Easy-to-use and intuitive programming with Wipaq Access Software 
•System management by browser from client PC’s. No need to install software on each client
•Programming of special logic between doors is set up with simple pull down menus. No special scripts or code is required.
•Management software allows indication of real-time door status and remote commanding of door open/close state. Alarm conditions such as forced open and extended open alarms are reported.
•Advanced access control capabilities are built into the hardware, including anti-passback, Dual and multi-Card Authentication, and Duress Mode.


Users 30,000
Event Buffer 100,000 transactions
32bit MIPS CPU
Communication RS485
Communication TCP/IP
Reader Port 
Qty. 2 26/34bit Wiegand
Qty. 2 8bit burst for PIN
Input Port 
Qty. 2 Exit Button
Qty. 2 Door Sensor
Output Port 
Qty. 1 : 1 Aux FORM-C relay output-SPDT 2A@30V AC
Qty. 1 : 1 FORM-C relay output-SPDT 5A@36V DC or 8A@30V AC
Baud Rate 
RS485 9600-28400 baud
Indicator : communication, power, status and prox card
Power Supply : 9.6V-14.4V DC, 1A
Operating Temperature : 32-113 F (0-45 C)
Operating Humidity : 20% to 80%
Length : 10" (160 mm)
Width : 6.6" (106 mm)
Dimensions : 9" x 10 1/2" x 3 1/2"
Weight : 3 lbs (48 ozs.)
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