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The universal desktop card embosser and encoder designed for the secure and reliable instant personalization and issuance of credit and debit cards.
The Advantage M20 ID card embosser is the newest in the Advantage card embosser family of products. Secure, reliable and affordable, the Advantage M20 ID card embosser was designed specifically for the instant personalization and issuance of debit and/or credit cards.
The Advantage M20 card embosser possesses a stainless steel 120-character daisy wheel for embossing, and both front and rear indenting. A full range of international characters is available which makes this a truly universal card embosser.
The Advantage M20 is provided with either a standard Windows® driver for seamless integration with existing card personalization and issuing applications, or with a specific software library to allow its many features to be included in custom applications and solutions.
The Advantage M20 ID card embosser is feature-packed including:
100-card hopper for automatic card feeding
Single card front input feeder 120 character embossing wheel Dual (front & rear) indent available
High/low coercivity magnetic stripe encoding
Contact and contactless smart card personalization
Triple DES encryption
access cover secured with electronic lock under software control
Anchors for bolting down the embosser to its operating station
For even more enhanced capabilities, operate your Advantage M20 embosser with SmartSys Tabletop, the user-friendly, feature-packed card issuance software.
EMV / Chip Card Branch Instant Card Issuance Software
Couple your Advantage ID card embosser with Xpressi software for an EMV branch card
issuance solution that is costeffective and easy to implement. Supporting multiple EMV configurations, chip types and even printer brands with one system, this solution gives an issuer the flexibility to keep their future expansion and operation options open for change. At Wipaq dubai, UAE; we provide free quote estimates for M20 ID Card Embosser. 

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