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Full Height Turnstiles - HT70



Block out weather and noise while Controlling Access. The HT 70 Series is a full security, card access, tamper-resistant revolving door. It is designed for locations requiring improved visitor security or as the barrier between production and office areas. Quiet in day/night mode, it can provide free passage during regular working hours and controlled passage after hours with card access or biometrics. At Wipaq dubai, UAE; we provide free quote estimates for HT 70 Turnstiles for controlling access. 

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  • Features
  • System Specification

Standard Features:

    * Materials and finishes available in your choice of: Clear, Dark Bronze or Black Anodize
    * Uses transparent polycarbonate cage panels and arms for a modern un-caged appearance and feel
    * Performance features include automatic indent Feather –Touch action that includes shock suppressor technology and a non-entrapment design
    * Designed for secure operation with aesthetics in mind
    * Features minimal exposed hardware and meets ASTM standards
    * Self centering control head with adjustable hydraulic shock suppression
    * Hardened tool steel locking bars, cam & roller assemblies
    * Permanently lubricated bearings
    * Available in clockwise, counter- clockwise or bi-directional passage


    * Exterior Height: 94” to 120” Available
    * Width: 72”
    * Pedestrian Clearance: 30”


1) Electronic Operation:

    Electronic locking module featuring heavy duty 24 VDC solenoids and card reader interface

2) Fail Safe or Fail Lock Operation:

    Available as Fail-Safe (free passage on power failure) or Fail-Lock (locked passage on power failure)

3) Easy Access Control Interface:

    Turnstile can interface with card readers, computer attendance systems, coin or token acceptors, push buttons, wireless remote controls and metal detectors

4) Electronic Passage Counter:

    Electronic 6 digit resettable counter with LCD display

5) Graphic Indicator Lights:

    Vertical Graphic Array (VGA) showing red "x" and green arrow  

6) Bullet Resistance:

    Level one bullet resistant armor

7) Traffic light control module LED's

8) Control Console:

    Control Console with remote alarms and push buttons

9) Low voltage canopy lighting:

The HT 70 Aluminum Full Height Turnstile may be ordered in a variety of different configurations. Please call for details.

Appearance and Construction
The HT 70 Revolving Door Turnstile has been designed with smooth, modern lines to blend with a variety of building architecture. The HT 70 Series is crafted of 6005-T6 high strength aluminum extrusion and features GE's transparent Lexan® polycarbonate cage panels and arms for an un-caged feel and appearance. This full security, card access, tamper-resistant revolving door is designed for locations requiring improved visitor security or as the barrier between production and office areas.

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