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HTSG Full Height Security Gates - HTSG Gate



The HTSG Heavy Duty High Security Panic Gates are manufactured to be the strongest link in your secure fence line. Built to withstand many years of outdoor use, these Security Gates will limit access to authorized personnel as well as keeping your people safe in the event of an emergency. Without authorized access, the only way into these gates are via high powered torches, rescue saws or explosives.



Appearance and Construction 
The HTSG high Security Gate has been designed for both security and safety. They come pre-assembled and are ready for installation. Made from 3" x 3" 11ga steel, these gates are built to withstand many years of industrial abuse in outdoor or indoor environments. In fact, our gate frames are guaranteed to be "sag proof" due to their fully welded 360 degree settle proof frame.

Safety compliance is important.

In an emergency you cannot afford to just hope for the best, but you can afford to have the best. We keep your people safe while keeping your operation up to compliance (UL Code 325).

Installation of the HTSG High Security Gate is fast and easy.
This unit was developed with the installer in mind and can be assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to install comparable industry models. Most contractors can install the HTSG heavy duty high Security Gate in about 1/2 day or less.

Several finishes are available for the HTSG heavy duty High Security Gate.
The HTSG Security Gate can be galvanized, spray painted, powder coated or covered in a special “glow in the dark” coat. Also available in stainless steel.


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  • System Specification
  • Technical Specification


If you compare the reliability, durability, and overall cost of our HTSG Heavy Duty High Security Gate, you will find that it is not only the least expensive gate to purchase, it is the least expensive to own.

Features and Options:

  • Can your employees find the exit during an emergency power outage? They can with the HTSG “Glow Gate”.
  • Give your company peace of mind and your employees a safe working environment.
  • Barbed Wire Applications available
  • Tool resistant expanded metal
  • Tamper proof metal panes above and below exit bars to eliminate unauthorised entry.
  • Outside Key Entry
  • Detex Panic Bar for emergency egress system
  • Stainless steel hinge pin for maintenance free operation
  • In ground and above ground applications
  • Wheel Chair accessible



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