Identification cards are prevalent in our daily lives, from credit cards identification to driver's licenses, membership cards to employee identification badges. Their standard size, portability, and durability make them the ideal choice for many applications.

You could use a blank plastic card that can be printed with any combination of artwork, digital photograph, graphics, text, bar codes, logos, background etc. Secure information, such as encoding on magnetic stripes and programming the chip cards, could also be done. Embossing using a Plastic Card Embosser is another way of personalizing the Identification ID Card.

Plastic card printer from Wipaq Dubai offer the ability to create customized cards on demand, right at the point of issuance. Using an image capture device, such as a digital camera or Live capture cameras, plastic card printer could be used to issue the Identification ID card immediately. The printing process is fast (within a few seconds) and the plastic identification ID card is generated and personalized instantly using the Javelin, Zebra card printer or Fargo ID Card printing machine. The information of the Identification ID card holder could be either entered manually or retrieved from an existing database using ODBC connectivity. Live linking from an existing database is also possible in some of our Plastic card printing software versions.

Our packaged Plastic PVC card printing solution could enhance your organization's security, image and infrastructure. This makes your life easier and more secure at the same time by using just one card for time clock data, access control, and visual identification ID Card. High-speed printing and database connectivity increases your security and HR departments' productivity. Choose a plastic PVC card printing package with lamination and you can even add anti-counterfeit security holograms, UV imaging, grey scale image etc..

Retransfer plastic card printing represents the next generation of identification ID card production. With retransfer printing technology from Javelin or Fargo; you could print high resolution plastic cards of offset printing quality with real edge to edge printing capability. With retransfer technology, the printer prints a transparent film (retransfer film) and then permanently transfers this, with the underlying imprint, to the plastic card. The result is an absolutely borderless, exceptionally qualitative print result, which stands up to any comparison with any conventional plastic identification ID card printer.

Commercial color printing is becoming a fast-growing business today, with the continuous demands on printer for high-quality, unique outputs. Not to mention the fact that there is a never–ending growth of new color printing technologies.

But the color printing process does not come from the innovations and technologies of today. They are designed to suit the many aspects of color printing. Offset printing is recommended for wholesale preprinted cards which are used as Company cards, Membership identification ID card, prepaid phone cards / international calling cards / Instant phone cards / Long distance phone cards / Online phone cards.

Today, there are actually many kinds of commercial printing available for people to choose from. Some are better than the rest. But then again, it will all still be depending on your need.

To be able to choose the best method of commercial Identification ID Card printing for your particular needs, you have to know first the kind of printing that the companies are offering like Javelin, Zebra or Fargo ID Card printing machine. Please check How to choose a Plastic card printer.

If you need a full color printing for your card printing, label printing and print flyers, you do not have to go far for an Agent Distributor or a dealer in Dubai. You can always find that Wipaq Dubai offers not only the best printing service but also the best prices imaginable. Contact us for Javelin, Zebra or Fargo.

Keep in mind that while looking for the right commercial printing services, the important questions that you have to ask yourself are: What are your needs? Will you be printing on paper or other material? What quantity of printing will you be performing? How to choose an ID card printer.

For commercial printing services, time and money is the key factors. Deadlines are focused on in commercial printing because missed deadlines can often result in financial losses. Another factor to be considered in full color identification ID card printing is the useful technology you are using and how original it could be.

You do not have to look long and hard for the right company to cater to your business printing needs. You only have to choose…Wipaq, Dubai, UAE, Middle East. We are agents / distributors for NBS technologies in the Middle east and we are looking at dealers across the region. In addition we are dealers for Zebra / Eltron, Polaroid and Fargo in Dubai, UAE.

Polaroid Plastic ID Card Printer


Polaroid ID Card Printer continues to set the standard, delivering the technology and know-how to produce millions of secure identification cards each year. Business rely on Polaroid Photo Card printer systems for employee IDs, event credentials, School IDs, visitor badges, personalized gift cards and the ideas that make them work.

No matter how advanced the technology becomes, It’s all backed by the world-class customer service that has made Polaroid photo card printer a household name from the family room to the board room.

Fargo Plastic ID Card Printer


Fargo ID Card printing machine set a new standard in IDentification ID Card printing personalization: These ID card printing machine feature cutting-edge technology that means high reliability and lots of customer-friendly features to meet the needs of your most demanding applications. Fargo id card printing machine can meet all of your ID card printer needs.

Fargo plastic card printer range starts from Persona C30 to HDP600LC. Fargo plastic card printer cater to Direct to Card printing (DTC range) to High Definition Printing (HDP range). Direct to card DTC card printer from fargo uses the Dye sublimation Thermal Transfer technology whereas the High definition printing HDP Identification ID card printer uses the Retransfer printing technology.

The various models in Fargo ID card printing machine includes Persona C30, DTC400, DTC500, DTC525, DTC550, HDP600 and HDP600 LC. We offer the complete range from Fargo including accessories like YMCKO ribbons, YMCKOK ribbons, polyguard overlaminate rolls, Holomark seals, HDP film, HDP holographic film, printer head, black monochrome ribbons and Cleaning Kit.

Zebra Plastic ID Card Printer


Zebra id card printer feature quiet operation and small footprint designs that occupy minimum space on retail counters, office desktops and reception desks. Economical, reliable and easy to use, these popular card printer are backed by great service and always deliver outstanding price/performance value to our customers.

Plastic ID card printer from Zebra offers a range of printer from P-110i to P-640i. Zebra card printer are specifically catering to low volume card printing to High volume card personalization. The various models in Zebra or Eltron card printer include P-110i, P-120i, P-330i, P-310i, P-430i, P-520i, P-630i, P-640i.

We offer the complete range from Zebra including accessories like YMCKOi ribbons, YMCKOKi ribbons, laminate rolls, World Globe Hologram rolls, YMCuvK ribbons, printer head, black monochrome ribbons, Cleaning cards, Rollers and Kit.

Single Side Zebra Card Printer : P-110i, P-330i and P-100i
Dual Side Zebra Card Printer : P-430i, P-120i
Dual Side Zebra Card Printer with Lamination : P-520i P-630i and P-640i

Javelin Plastic ID Card Printer


The Club Membership Cards/ Loyalty card Issuance: - The J210 plastic card printing solution

The Javelin plastic ID card printers is known throughout the industry as a low cost, durable plastic card ID Card printer. While color capable, when it comes to club cards, the ability to use low cost monochrome ribbon is the feature most appealing. However like all plastic ID card printers in its class it needs access to a PC to allow formatting of the raw data your network provides, into a card layout before the printer can print the card.

Whether it is club membership or Loyalty membership card, the J-210 Plastic ID card printers could instantly print the information of a new member and the membership card is immediately issued. This solution allows the member to utilize the facilities as soon as he has joined the club.

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