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Locks and Accessories - Emergency Glass Break

Emergency Glass Break

Emergency Glass Break for Fire Alarm Systems 

1.Fireproof Material 
2.Easy to install 
3.Colorful shape
• Safe - The weakened areas of the plastic assist the panel to break in a specified way, leaving minimal sharp edges. It is therefore much safer than glass.
• Flexible & Versatile -The diversity in plastics available means there will be one to suit your needs. Plastic parts can be made to most shapes, colours sizes and configurations.
• Strong - Strength is highly controlled via the weakened areas. 
The traditional types of emergency break glass are not suitable, because they are too strong, too weak or not reliable enough. In these cases, there are a variety of plastics which can be used depending on the desired properties.
Plastics are extremely versatile, durable and flexible, so there is likely to be a suitable one for your needs. The plastic is weakened by cutting weak spots into it making the glass break in a particular formation.

  • System Specification


Dimensions: 86Lx86Wx50H(mm)
Standard Structure: Fireproof Material, Easy to install
Current Rating:  Max DC 36V 3A 
Output Contact:  NC\COM
Suitable for Door: Exit Door, Emergence Door 
Aptional Accessories:  Glass, Cover
Operating temp: 10~+55°C(14-131F)
Operating Humidity: 0-95% (non- condensing)
Material  Selection: Fireproof Material, Sandblast Finished
Weight: 0.2kg
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