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Signature Capture Devices - Desktop 1x5 LCD

Desktop 1x5 LCD

The ScripTouch ST1500 signature pad with ProScript device interface and the ScripTouch ST1501 with EasyScript device interface bring all these characteristics to the market in a rugged design that is perfectly suited for high transaction volumes and use in serving the public.

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Scriptel's ScripTouch series electronic signature pads all feature rugged construction and high reliability for frequent transactions and long lifetimes. Scriptel's active battery-less tethered pen is proven to perform flawlessly through more than 1 million signatures. The signature sensing layer is mounted behind a solid signing surface for great device durability. Signature quality is not affected by wear or heavy use and there are no batteries to replace.

The LCD display provides immediate rendering and visual feedback to the signer avoiding the need to have an additional display for the confirmation.

The Scriptel ProScript signature pad interface is fully supported by extensive Scriptel APIs and software libraries for embedding direct device management in a software application and by the Scriptel OmniScript universal signature integration platform. OmniScript runs as a separate service on the host PC and allows either a locally-installed or remote server-based application to use a high-level API for managing Scriptel ProScript devices.
Scriptel's signature pad's unique EasyScript device interface uses keyboard emulation to transmit captured signature data. USB keyboards are standard and well-supported in all operating systems and browsers, making it possible to design pure cloud-based applications without client PC installs or frequent updates to Java applets or ActiveX controls.
Rugged design
LCD display
Scratch-resistant glass signing surface
Active battery-less tethered pen
Durable plastic case construction with heavy-duty cable attachments
Bottom-side rubber feet and mounting holes
3 year warranty
ProScript (ST1500) or
EasyScript (ST1501) device interface
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