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Card Solution Application Guide

Cards come in many varieties. It is important to identify the type of application our customer is interested to launch. Depending on the application selected, different system requirements will need to be addressed.

Cards can store anywhere from a single value that cannot be changed up to 32K of dynamic data. It is important to match the storage requirements with the correct card. It also often makes sense to allocate space for future scalability.

Card-accepting devices can vary from readers attached to PCs, to specially designed terminals, or even to small value checking readers. Readers attached to PCs tend to be less expensive, while stand-alone kiosk terminals are at the other end of the price range.

Fulfillment is the process of printing, encoding and issuing cards. Card personalization can be done at the factory or at customer site. There are many options for print quality, signature panel, holograms, card thickness, etc.

The number of cards will influence card pricing, printing options and other system components. A pilot is a great way to test an application before rolling it. Wipaq can build a prototype that can help customer evaluate an idea and explore various options.

Systems integration is a complex component of a card solution. To avoid complications, it is important to select an integrator who understands these issues.

Scalability should be built into the system design. Thorough and concise requirements gathering help guard against early obsolescence. We call this "future-proofing" the application.

If there are practical card issues that require special consideration, it would be helpful to address them here.

Informative reports are valuable for measuring effectiveness, auditing transactions and marketing to new customers. In most cases, the transaction data is as valuable as the card system itself.

Settlement is the process of updating backend data with terminal data and then adjusting account balances accordingly.

There are many related support services crucial to the success of the overall application. Wipaq provides the total solution support or just specific areas as required.

There are important differences between starting a card project from scratch and picking up on one that is well along. Knowing where the customer stands will enable us to respond to customer needs more efficiently.

Wipaq Card Solution Application Guide

A guide to designing your card solution

The Wipaq Application Guide is an exclusive service to current and prospective clients. By following along the questions outlined below, we can easily step through the issues that surround the development of card-based applications. We find this guide an excellent tool for helping end-users understand the process of designing card applications. At the same time, it gives us a better idea of what the customer is trying to accomplish.

Get answers for as many questions as possible. If customer is not sure about an answer, just skip it. If you are unsure of a question, please do contact Smart Card Solutions Division. There's only one thing that counts, and that's whether our solution meets customer needs.

We call it…Making an Application Smart

1. Customer’s Anticipated Application

Please identify the type of card application the customer have in mind: (check all that apply)




Cash Replacement



Gift Card






Loyalty Points


Membership ID

Network Security


Physical Access

Season Pass


Time & Attendance







2. Quantity of Data

How much data do the customer want to store on the card?

  • A single value or counter
  • Minimal amount of static data
  • Minimal, but dynamic data
  • Demographic info
  • Large data lines
  • Not sure yet

3. Kinds of Cards

What type of cards do the customer plan to use?

  • Plain plastic
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Bar coded
  • Contact-less card
  • Smart card
  • Cryptographic smart card
  • Other token… not smart card
  • Not sure yet

4. Card-Accepting Devices

How will the cards be read?

  • Bio metric
  • PC based
  • Keyboard
  • Stand alone terminal
  • Hand held terminal
  • Kiosk
  • Other POS system
  • Specialty / custom
  • Wall mount
  • Vending
  • Wireless
  • Not sure yet

5. Fulfillment

Which of the following fulfillment services will this application require?

In house












Not sure yet




6. Quantity Required.

How many cards does the customer application require in a year?

  • Under 1,000 (pilot)
  • 1,000 – 5,000
  • 5,000 – 10,000
  • 10,000 – 25,000
  • 25,000 – 50,000
  • Above 50,000
  • Not sure yet

7. Integration

What is the integration scenario for this card?

  •  Bio metric
  •  PC based
  •  Keyboard
  •  Stand alone terminal
  •  Hand held terminal
  •  Kiosk
  •  Other POS system
  •  Specialty / custom
  •  Wall mount
  •  Vending
  •  Wireless
  •  Not sure yet

8. Scalability

How scalable do the application to be?

New systems may be deployed


More cards may be required


Fielded cards must accept new applications


A transition plan has been developed


Not sure yet




9. Other Issues

What other concerns does the customer anticipate?

Procedures governing lost cards


Maintaining overall system security


Establishing expiration dates


Allocating various tiers of cards


Maximum value for cards


Administrator/Manager functions


Printed receipts






10. Data Management

What type of data reporting is required?

  • Minimal
  • Low end database server
  • Interface to data warehouse
  • Detailed, extensive reporting
  • Not sure yet   

    11. Settlement and Adjustment

    What is the anticipated frequency of data settlement/reconciliation?

    • Real time
    • 24/7
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Not required
    • Not sure yet

    12. System Support

    What application support do the customer require?





    Card Manufacturing






    Help desk




    Maintenance contract


    Application Documentation




    13. Project Status

    Please tell us where are does the customer stand in his decision process:

    • Information gathering
    • Project concept only
    • Initial requirements complete
    • Firm commitment and money budgeted
    • Underway but experiencing problems
    • Upgrading existing card program
    • Not sure yet

    14. Potential products or vendors

    Please enter specific vendors of program components the customer is considering or require:






    Integration services

    Card printing service or equipment

    Transaction clearing

    Other support

    15. Other

    Please tell us anything else about the customer requirements that will enable us to respond to the inquiry more fully. For example, if customer has more description of their application, please include it here.

     16. Please tell us how to reach you.

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