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Time Attendance Software - How to Choose

How to Choose

Timepaq attendance software features time tracking and attendance capabilities, useful for many applications. With the ability to accurately track employee hours and log work days, attendance software has been used by a variety of verticals, including schools, factories, government organisations, large companies and small businesses.

The security features of attendance software allow companies to eliminate the chances of fraud and tampering of attendance records, further increasing revenue.
How to Choose Attendance Software
Before integrating the benefits of any attendance software into your company, purchasers should first consider the various factors involved with such a decision. Some important points include:
When first purchasing attendance software, often the first concern that arises is the cost of the product. Attendance software is available at a variety of prices, simple versions to products costing thousands of dollars. When choosing attendance software, management should consider various factors that have an effect on the overall cost, such as features, functionality, complexity of software and multi-user support.
In order to implement attendance software, companies need to meet certain hardware requirements. Some software has minimal prerequisites, only needing a few megabytes to install. However, other attendance software contains more stringent needs, requiring large hard drive requirements and even separate equipment and workstations. Companies should consider whether the additional needs of attendance software are within their budget.
Consumers should ensure that the attendance software match their needs, as some versions are tailored to specific industries. For example, corporate office attendance software will have different features and functions than attendance software designed for school students.
Technical Support: 
Are technicians specialized in attendance software easily accessible? Does the attendance software come with a warranty? These questions may emerge when the consumer faces technical difficulties while installing and implementing attendance software. If the consumer is unable to use the software or teach employees how to utilize it, then the business risks losing revenue and time.
Wipaq supply many levels of software for time and attendance HR personnel. From the basic attendance software to the complex time and attendance analysis programs with ODBC connectivity, there are many options from which to choose. This software can be used to keep track of employee hours or to analyze your workforce.
Auto populate
Auto populate refers to the way a time keeping software or system fills in information in its records. Software with auto populate features can be set up to keep track of which employees are available at what times. It can fill in many other user defined options like schedules, pay scales and time changes.
Employee messaging
Employee messaging refers to features of time keeping software allowing an administrator to send employees important information through the system. Software that is connected to a time keeping system or time clock may be able to display important messages to employees when they clock in or out.
Key performance indicators
Key performance indicators or KPIs, are measurements of how effectively a service or job is being done. The measurement usually uses several factors like workforce numbers and output to determine the efficiency of work.
Real-time is simply defined as what is happening right now. The term as it relates to time and attendance software refers to the ability to keep upto the minute attendance records that can be searched and used as they are being updated. In other words, an HR manager can easily log on and see what employees are currently working and when they punched in. This feature is also termed as an ODBC connectivity. This connectivity is to the existing backend platform like SQL, Oracle etc.
The Advantages of Timepaq Attendance Software
With Timepaq attendance software system in place, employees will be able to log their hours quickly and efficiently. Timepaq computerized attendance systems remove the need for time sheets and cards, instead processing hours through an IDentification card or physical authentication. In addition, human resource personnel can easily calculate payroll accounts by accessing attendance records online via web enabled Timepaq. Instead of managing loose sheets of paper and dealing with lost documents, HR department simply need to click a button to access organized, dated and latest records.
Employee Productivity:
When employees are working monitored by Timepaq attendance software, their productivity is likely to increase. Time tracking systems can hold employees accountable for their hours, tracking their arrival, breaks, and departure. Therefore, employees are more likely to work more efficiently and productively, allowing companies to obtain the resulting benefits.
Increased Profits: 
As a result of increased productivity and efficiency, companies can experience increased profits. As employees work more efficiently, they complete more tasks and projects on time, allowing the company to move forward with other tasks. Managers no longer have to oversee their workers, as attendance software manages the time for them. In addition, attendance software performs time tracking and attendance functions precisely and accurately, removing the chance of human error. 

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