• While installing Door for small businesses or Large corporations one of the major factor is how to do Automation of the door entry system. We are the supplier and installer of Door entry automation system in Dubai UAE. How the door entry system works is as follows, When an RFID card is shown to a reader, the reader sends the credential’s information, usually a number, to a control panel, a highly reliable processor. The access control panel compares the RFID card credential's number to an access control list, grants or denies the presented request, and sends a transaction log to a database. When access is denied based on the access control list, the door remains locked. If there is a match between the credential and the access control list, the control panel operates a relay that in turn unlocks the door. The access control panel or door entry system control panel also ignores a door open signal to prevent an alarm. Often the reader provides feedback, such as a flashing red LED for an access denied and a flashing green LED for an access granted.

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rfid card reader
  • Kits: Yes
  • Reader Type: RFID/Proximity Card
  • Keypad Included: No
  • Electrical Specifications: Voltage: 110 ~ 240 V AC
  • System Requirements: Operating System: Window XP/Window Vista/Linux