• Javelin True Colours i Series and C Series multi-panel ribbons are developed with the newest technology in dyes available. Multi-panel ribbons use dye-sublimation, which means the color dye is vaporized into a gaseous state and then diffused onto the cards at the printhead station. Multi-panel ribbons come in a variety of types including but not limited to YMC, YMKCO, YMCKOK, YMCKK, YMKUvK, KO, KdO and KrO.
  • Card Design Module - ExcelID Card Design lets a System Administrator create projects that meet your organization’s specific needs for card designs, report designs, data entry, and database access.
  • Data Entry Module - ExcelID Data Entry lets you use the projects you create in the Card Design application to gather information, access your database, and print identification cards.
  • Report Generating Module - ExcelID Reports lets you generate and print image-rich reports from your database.
  • Administrator Module - ExcelID Administrator contains tools to manage user accounts and configure your ExcelID software.

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