• Computerized fingerprint scanners have been a mainstay of spy thrillers for decades, but up until recently, they were pretty exotic technology in the real world. In the past few years, however, biometric scanners have started popping up all over the place -- in police stations, high-security buildings and even on PC keyboards. You can pick up a personal USB fingerprint scanner for less than $100, and just like that, your computer's guarded by high-tech biometrics. Instead of, or in addition to, a password, you need your distinctive print to gain access.
  • Cross Match® mobile biometric reader and scanner enable identity verification programs for military, law enforcement, and many other agencies. Based on proven biometric scanner capture technology, the compact handheld solutions enable users to access crucial data in challenging environments, such as national border control areas and military zones. By combining a biometric scanner like fingerprint reader with a contact or contactless smart card reader, the rugged Be.U Mobile is the perfect device to authenticate documents, such as employee IDs (Transportation Worker’s Identification Credentials or TWIC, Common Access Cards or CAC) and Driver’s Licenses to identify people in the field. An optional MRZ reader enables authentication of e-Passports. The reader guarantees broad interoperability with travel documents from all suppliers in order to quickly process high volumes of travelers transiting through international airports or any other points of entry. The integrated LCD graphics display delivers clear and crisp color images in the field, enabling users to quickly verify subjects’ identities saving time and protecting user safety.

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  • Durable: Can withstand harsh environments
  • Flexible: Multiple AFIS, algorithms and card formats supported simultaneously
  • Upward compatible: Will support future card issues
  • Rapid: Authentication in 0.6 second
  • Expandable: Can be upgraded for future needs
  • Convenient: Easy to use and ergonomic
  • Scalable: Able to work in a large system and support large number of users
  • Portable: Allows for ID verification in the field
  • Reliable: Trusted, accurate, and solid
  • Fingerprint capacitive sensor (508 DPI)
  • Contact and Contactless smart card readers
  • Colour LCD with touch screen
  • Ruggedized
  • Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi, GSM (GPRS), Bluetooth
  • Windows CE.NET 5.0
  • I/O: USB, RS-232, Ethernet, SAM, SIM, SD
  • GPS receiver
  • Imager: Barcode and MRZ reader
  • 1.3MP colour camera (Mug shot / portrait)