• A Recognition Systems HandReader which is a biometric scanner is equipped with a MIFARE smart card reader is the perfect match of industry leading biometrics and advanced card technology for attendance sheet generation.
    * User's template is stored on the card
    * Unlimited users
    * Simplified template management
    * Dual factor authentication
    * Seamless integration into existing access control and/or time & attendance sheet systems
  • Mifare smart cards look just like any other card, but contain both memory and a processor embedded within the card. Memory is divided into separate sectors that can be protected by individual software codes (keys), so multiple applications can be contained on a single card. Combining a HandReader with a smart card creates a powerful combination of security and portable template management. By employing the card as a storage device, users no longer need worry about complicated network wiring to resolve template distribution.
  • Both the users' ID number and biometric template are stored on the smart card and are protected by company specific codes (keys). Users simply put their card into a holster and then place their hand to verify that they are the owner of the card. This convenient holster allows for single hand operation. Upon successful verification by the inbuilt mifare card reader, the handreader will process the transaction and the software will generate attendance sheet.
  • Applications include: Access control, time & attendance, automatic fare collection, airline ticketing, electronic purse, loyalty programs, ID cards, university cards, vending machines, pay phones, parking control, prepaid metering, health care, etc.
  • MIFARE contactless smart card technology
  • MIFARE is an interface platform for contactless smart cards and mifare card reader according to the ISO 14443 A standard. It is a well-proven radio frequency (RF) communication technology for transmitting data between a card and a reader device.
  • The MIFARE 1Kbyte card can support up to 16 different applications; each with its own dedicated keys and memory area.
    * Multi-application memory, fast transaction speed
    * High security (mutual authentication and encryption)
    * High reliability (no moving parts in reader)
    * ISO operating frequency of 13.56 MHz
    * ISO credit card size
    * No battery in card
    * Cards available through multiple sources

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