• A barcode reader, also called a price scanner or point-of-sale (POS) scanner, is a hand-held or stationary input device used to capture and read information contained in a bar code . A barcode reader consists of a scanner , a decoder (either built-in or external), and a cable used to connect the reader with a computer. Because a barcode scanner / reader merely captures and translates the barcode into numbers and/or letters, the data must be sent to a computer so that a software application can make sense of the data. Barcode scanners can be connected to a computer through a serial port , keyboard port, or an interface device called a wedge. A handheld barcode scanner works by directing a beam of light across the bar code and measuring the amount of light that is reflected back.
  • The affordable LS2208 handheld bar code scanner provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. The wide working range —from near-contact to 17 inches — makes this device ideal for retail, hospital, education or government settings. Multiple on-board interfaces ensure integration with a variety of host systems.

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ls2208 barcode scanners
  • Durable, single-board construction
    Meets stringent 5-ft drop tests.
  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass exit window
    Is designed for continuous use.
  • Accurate first-time capture of 1D bar codes
    Increased productivity, resulting in shorter check-out lines and better customer service.
  • Wide working range
    Delivers optimal performance from contact to 17 in (43 cm).
  • Multiple on-board interfaces
    Simplify installation and integration and ensures future compatibility.
  • Plug-and-play, with universal cable
    Means rapid deployment, with a single cable connecting to any computing environment.
  • Intuitive design
    Minimizes setup and training time.
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design
    Reduces user fatigue with sleek, balanced form for maximum comfort and productivity.
  • Hands-free Intellistand
    Enables presentation scanning and easy switching between hands-free and handheld modes.
  • Advanced Data Formatting (ADF)
    Enables users to modify data prior to sending to host computer, reducing costly modifications to the host software.
  • Dimensions - 6 in. H x 2.5 in. W x 3.34 in. D 15.2 cm H x 6.3 cm W x 8.4 cm
  • Weight - 5.15 oz./146 gm
  • Voltage and current - 5 volts +/- 10% at 130 mA typical, 175 mA max ss
  • Power source - Host power or external power supply (depends on host type)
  • Color - Twilight black, Cash register white
  • Handheld - Yes
  • Corded - Yes
  • Scan pattern - Single line
  • Depth of field - From contact to 17 in./43 cm on 100% U.P.C./EAN symbols
  • Minimum resolution2 - 20% minimum reflective difference
  • Decode capability - 1D, See data sheet for full list of supported symbologies
  • Interfaces supported - IBM, Keyboard wedge, RS-232, Synapse, USB, Wand
  • Technology - Laser
  • Pitch3 - 2 +/-65 degrees
  • Roll (Tilt) 4 - 1 +/-30 degrees
  • Skew (Yaw)5 - 3 +/-60 degrees