• THE NAME TAGS : SWIPE CARDS A magnetic stripe card is made during the manufacture of the card by embedding a magnetic strip onto the card itself. The position of the stripe would vary depending on the type of reader where it is to be used. The magnetic strip information is read by physical contact onto the reader head by swiping past it. Hence it is commonly termed as swipe cards. The name tags in which commonly used Magnetic stripe has three sections called tracks. Track 1 could contain alpha numeric data. Track 2 could take in Numeric data and the following 6 characters : Track3 is generally unused since the first two tracks have enough storage for most of the commonly used applications. The track 3 can contain characters.
  • There are 2 types of Magnetic Cards
    HiCo Cards :
    High Coercivity Cards at 4000oe (oersteds) is the strength at which the information is held in the magnetic stripe. High-coercivity magstripes are harder to erase, and therefore are appropriate for cards that are frequently used or that need to have a long life.
    LoCo Cards :
    Low Coercivity Cards at 300oe (oersteds) is the strength at which the information is held in the magnetic stripe. Low-coercivity magstripes require a lower amount of magnetic energy to write onto the stripe and the information may be easily erasable. Hence this is used for applications where the information need not be required for a prolonged period. A good example for LoCo use is Hotel Key Cards.
    Various Applications using Magnetic Swipe cards
    Access control system, the name tag for time attendance system, meal management system, Financial Cards, Loyalty cards, Club membership cards, Gift cards, Telephone cards, Hospital card, Security badges, health cards, National ID Cards, Electronic passport, Transit card, drivers license, Child ID, Student ID, Bank Cards, Epurse, medical cards.

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