Metal Detector

Wipaq offers the most sophisticated and energy efficient metal detector system and security cannot be compromised when you install the metal detector and security scanner. Security is of utmost importance these days and it made possible by this equipment. At Wipaq, we stock the very best Metal Detectors for our customers as we are passionate about metal detecting. Are you struggling to find the metal detectors that suit your needs? Call our sales executives to get the information and price of the metal detectors you are looking for. If you are in search of metal detectors for sale in Dubai then contact us. We have a great range of metal detectors such as Walk through Metal Detectors, Handheld Body Scanners, Body Orifice Security Scanner and Medi-Scan / Contra-Scan Metal Detectors for sale here in Dubai, UAE and all over the Middle East. Our range includes an entry machine through to professional metal detectors at prices to suit all budget. Browse through our list and we are here to help!