• The MR 100 Portable Turnstiles are designed for high profile installations where aesthetics and durability are of the greatest importance. This portable unit comes with a sturdy, non-slip diamond tread base plate, stainless steel guide rail and wheels for easy relocation of the turnstile. MR100 portable turnstiles are very useful for events where it can be used as an event turnstiles. These turnstiles can be used for multiple events at all seasons.

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MR100 Portable Turnstiles
  • The MR 100 Portable Turnstile uses Hayward 's heavy-duty mechanism, which was designed and built to withstand the abuse of a modern day, high-traffic subway station. The components are fabricated both from hot rolled carbon steel and stainless steel. All steel parts are coated with black oxide and oil for protection. All shafts and pivot points are stainless steel and rotate about bronze or ball bearings. The turnstile mechanism is field upgradeable to add a variety of options.
  • All parts are easily reached without the removal of the mechanism from the cabinet and most servicing take only a matter of minutes. Compare and you will see that the MR 100 Portable Turnstile surpasses the competition in quality, durability, and serviceability -- and is the only turnstile mechanism that offers an all bearing construction.
  • If you compare the reliability, durability, and overall cost of our Model MR 100 Portable Turnstile, you will find that it is not only the least expensive turnstile to purchase, it is the least expensive to own.
  • The MR-Series units may be ordered in a variety of different configurations. Please call for details. At Wipaq dubai, UAE; we provide free quote estimates for MR 100 Portable Turnstile.
  • Complete Stainless Steel Cabinet: #304 Stainless Steel Cabinet.
  • Internal admission counters may be provided. Counters have large six digit liquid crystal displays and are powered by a 10 year lithium battery. The MR 100 Stainless Steel Turnstile may be ordered with one or two counters:
    Entry counter
    Exit counter
    Both entry and exit counters
    The counters are capable of being reset with a key (optional).
  • Out of Service lock: The fail-safe option provides a battery back-up system in the event of a power failure. This option allows the turnstile to continue functioning during a power failure.
  • The MR 100 Portable Turnstile has been designed with smooth, modern lines to blend with a variety of building architecture. The main body is constructed from 14 gauge carbon steel with a ¼" thick stainless steel base plate. Both are protected with a tough industrial-grade black powder coat finish (custom colors or Satin-stainless available). The top cover is made of type 304-brushed stainless steel. The portable feature includes a 5/16" thick diamond tread plate with an industrial powder coat finish (also available in 304 Stainless Steel). A 304 satin stainless steel guide railing is attached to the plate to create a passageway. This portable unit comes with a pair of wheels for easy relocation of the turnstile.