Access Control System Dubai

Access control system is used for giving access to authorised persons or restricting access to a place, building, room etc. In access control system the person have to submit his credententials to a reader which will send the details to access control panel. The credentials can be a badge, biometric etc. Wipaq Trading LLC is the well known supplier of Door security access control systems in Dubai, UAE.

Biometric Access Control System

Biometric characters of individuals can be used for verifying access to premises. Biometric identifiers are the distinctive, measurable characteristics used to label and describe individuals. Biometric identification can be classified into two physiological and behavioral characteristics. Physiological characterstics of a person includes fingerprint, face recognition, plam geometry etc. Behavioral characteristics includes voice, gait etc. Now Biometrics Access Control System based of brain and heart signals are emerging which can offer more fraud protection and security.

Biometric access control is the most secure form of access control system since biometric identifiers are unique to individuals.

Badge Based Access Control System


Affordable Biometric Access Control System in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Access control system is used by commercial and public sectors all over the world as a security system with no compromise. Searching for Access Control System in Dubai?. Wipaq Trading LLC is the most experienced and well known access control security system provider in United Arab Emirates. Wipaq specialized in presenting a quality range of Bio- Metric Access Control System such as Face Recognition, Fingerprint and Hand Geometry Access in Middle East and UAE.

Card Based Entry System

Biometric Access Control


Plastic PVC ID Card Printer Dealers in Al Ruwais, Abu Dhabi

Wipaq Trading LLC is the authorized distributors and dealers of varies brands of plastic pvc card printers in Al Ruwais and Abu Dhabi. Our high quality and trustworthy brands include Fargo, Polaroid, Javelin and Zebra. Wipaq offers the wide range of Id card printers’ models with standard size, portability, and durability for many applications.

Fargo ID Card Printers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ruwais

Polaroid ID Card Printer Al Ruwais

Javelin Plastic Card Printers

Affordable turnstile gates price in Abu Dhabi, UAE

WIPAQ trading LLC is selling a comprehensive range of Turnstile Based Access Control Systems in entire united Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi at the best price. We are the authorized dealers of Turnstiles from varies dealers like Digicon, Hayward, Boon Edam etc.  Contact to get best price for durable turnstile based access control systems with Waist Height Turnstiles, Handicap Accessible Security Gates, Full Height Turnstiles, Crowd Control Gates, Optical Turnstiles and High Security Gates in Middle East.

Full Height Turnstiles

WIPAQ is the dealers of durable full height turnstiles in United Arab Emirates and entire middle east such as Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain, Qatar etc from leading brands like Digicon, Hayward and Boon Edam turnstiles.

Waist Height Turnstiles

Waist height turnstiles, electronic Swing Gates are important for implementing security systems for variety of organisations like metros, ticket based entries like sports, banks etc. WIPAQ Trading LLC is the authorised suppliers and dealers of Waist height Turnstiles of popular brands such Digicon, Hayward Turnstiles, Boon Edam etc. in UAE and entire middle east like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc.

Handicap Accessible Security Gates

WIPAQ Traiding LLC is the authorized distributors and dealers of handicap, wheelchair accessible turnstiles in UAE and Entire middle east. Contact WIPAQ for the best price for turnstiles with fingerprint, ID card based, bio-metric access control.


Affordable access control system Dubai

WIPAQ Trading LLC is the supplier of durable access control systems, automatic sliding door system in entire Middle East and UAE. Our Access control system includes Card Based Entry System, bar-code based, Keypad Based Access, Locks and Accessories, Bio-metric Access Control and Surveillance Cameras.

Plastic card based access control system

Wipaq is providing access card based access control system in entire United Arab Emirates like swipe card, smart card based etc.

Keypad based access control System

Wipaq is the leading supplier, dealer of keypad based access control systems in Dubai and entire United Arab Emirates.

RFID Access Control System

RFID based access control system is very common in offices and other organisations. Wipaq is the experts in integrating RFID based access control system in UAE and Dubai.

Turnstile gates suppliers, price in UAE, Dubai, Middle East

WIPAQ Trading LLC is the dealer of comprehensive range of Turnstile Access Systems which includes Waist High Turnstiles, Handicap Accessible Security Gates, Full Height Turnstiles, Crowd Control Gates, Optical Turnstiles and High Security Gates in entire United Arab Emirates, Dubai and Middle East. All our offered Turnstile Access Systems are manufactured by prominent brands in the market. Wipaq ensures optimum quality, durability and reliability of Turnstile Access to meet the international quality standards. Our Turnstile Access Systems are extensively used in the airports, ports & harbors, subway station, bus station, amusement parks and allied areas. Our turnstiles systems are vastly used for the security purposes across Middle East and UAE. Wipaq ensures the extreme user safety.

Full Height Turnstiles

Handicap Accessible Security Gates

Crowd Control Gates

Plastic ID card printer with lamination in Dubai, UAE

Polaroid’s most advanced photo ID card printers with lamination. It’s . Use the single lamination module to laminate both sides of the card through the printer driver options if you wish. The P5000E photo ID Card Printer enables you to produce high security card with lamination and durable Photo ID cards. The printer is an ID card printer with lamination. The P5000E comes standard with bi-directional Ethernet and USB connectivity for all of your networking/connectivity requirements.


Printing Capability Single-sided and dual-sided printing, with lamination
Printing Speeds (sec/card) 21 seconds (full-color (YMCK) single-sided card)
22 seconds (full-color (YMCKK) dual-sided card)
Input Hopper Capacity 100
Output Hopper Capacity 40
Card Sizes Accepted CR80 – standard credit card size
Card Thickness Accepted 20-50 mil
Interface USB & Ethernet
Software Drivers Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP, Vista & Windows 7 (32-bit)
Warranty 2 years on printer and printhead (no pass restrictions)
Weight & Dimensions 27 lbs (12.25 kg), 9.92” x 18.82” x 23.1” (252mm x 478mm x 588mm)
Printer Options Encoding –

  • Magnetic stripe (field-upgradeable)
  • Smart card contact station (field-upgradeable)
  • Dual contact/contactless smart card reader
  • HID iClass reader module
  • HID Prox reader

Polaroid – Fastest ID card printer

Polaroid compact, print ready and maintenance free printers are fast and efficient and easy to use with plug and play functionality. Polaroid Desktop printers will work with any type of operating systems. Polaroid printers are coming with following features.

  • Ensures superior crisp and clean image quality
  • Environmentally friendly machines with compact design
  • Consuming less power

Buy Polaroid ID card printers if you are looking for a superior printer for producing trusted quality cards

Plastic ID Card Printer Dealer, Price in Kuwait, Middle East

WIPAQ Trading LLC is the authorized dealer of all the leading brands of plastic ID card printers such as Fargo, Zebra, Javelin, Polaroid etc in Kuwait and entire Middle East.  Our high quality and trustworthy brands include Fargo, Polaroid, Javelin and Zebra. Wipaq offers the wide range of Id card printers’ models with standard size, portability, and durability for many applications.

Fargo ID card printers

All models of Fargo ID card printers are available in Wipaq at best price. To see the wide selection of Fargo printer available at WIPAQ visit the following link.

Zebra ID card printers

Zebra id card printer, which is known for delivering prominent performance value to our customers. To see the vast selection of zebra ID card printers visit following link

Time attendance system price in Dubai, UAE

Wipaq Trading involved in distributing, dealing and trading wide range of Time Attendance System in Middle East and UAE. We offer all kinds of Time Attendance Systems from Timepaq at the market price. Various models are available for corporate, educational institutes and government agency across Middle East and UAE. Find your perfect time system like plastic card attendance machine, bio-metrics hand-punch, fingerprint and series iface time attendance system based on your company and employee work schedule. Timepaq system is mostly chosen in the market for its accuracy and easy to use the feature. Our trained technicians offer best installation and can configure the Time Attendance Machines such as Fingerprint. Card based systems or Hand Punch systems using Time Attendance Software from Timepaq.

Time Attendance System
Time Attendance System

Plastic Card attendance system

Wipaq is an inclusive provider of Time Attendance Machine covering an extensive range of Card Attendance Machine, you can find an extensive collection of magnetic card, bar-code, proximity and smart card time attendance system.

Biometric time attendance System

Wipaq features bio-metric time attendance system for multiple verification modes for security designed for time attendance applications at Dubai. Our bio-metric time attendance system available in the form of Hand Punch, Fingerprint, Hand Reader and Series iFace.